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Hansraj Academy helps you to prepare mathematics for SSC, Bank PO and Other Competitive Exams, we takes out your fear and positively nurtures you to master the tips and tricks of competitive exams mathematics.

You have to do every count in your mind. Try not to utilize paper. You have to complex calculations divide them into parts and settle it in your mind without paper. That is the means by which toppers do complex estimations during competitive exams. it is totally marvelous to perform maths calculations at split second speed. Some eccentric maths traps can diminish the time and exertion required to tackle complex issues. Turn into a maths wizard by attempting these 5 maths traps that will enable you to ascertain quicker.

1. Multiplication with FIVE (5)
Just multiply the figure by 10 and then divide it by 2.
For example 99×5= 990/2= 495

2. Multiplication with NINTY NINE (99)
Multiply the figure with 100 and then minus the same number from the result.
For example
Multiply 32×99 = 3200 - 32 = 3168

For example - A takes 10 days to finish a job. B takes 20 days to finish the same job. In how many days they will complete the job if they work together?
A's efficiency = 100/10 = 10% per day
B's efficiency = 100/20 = 5% per days
A and B can do 15% of the work in a day if they work together. So they can do the whole job in 100/15 = 6.66 days or 6 days and 18 hours.

4. ADD REPETED NUMBERS ( For ex 9999+999+99+9 =?)
If in a series all number contains repeating 7.
To find their sum, we start from the left multiply 7 by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.
Look at the example below.
777777 + 77777 + 7777 + 777 + 77 + 7 = ?
= 7 × 1 / 7 × 2 / 7 × 3 / 7 × 4 / 7 × 5 / 7 × 6
Add 1 to the total of each category to get your answer
= 7 / 14/ 21/ 28/ 35/ 42= 864192

5. Multiplication with multiples of 5
Whenever we are multiplying a given number with 5 or multiples of 5,
Replace 5 with a multiple of 10 divided by an integer.
For example to calculate 43x25,
Write it as 43x100/4
where 25 is replaced by 100/4.

Theory of Mathematics Tricks for Competitive Exam Mathematics

Mathematics and enchantment may appear a weird blend, however a large number of the most capable supernatural impacts performed today have a numerical premise. Well known entertainers, for example, Derren Brown and David Blaine utilize Mathematics based traps in their shows, however arithmetic is likewise the mystery behind the advancements we utilize, the items we purchase and the occupations we will have. Mathematics is the dialect we use to portray our general surroundings - it's the premise of the considerable number of sciences.

Learn these tips and tricks to overcome the fear of mathematics in SSC maths and Bank PO maths.

Maths is about controlling numbers and searching for examples in those numbers. Adding, subtracting, duplicating and isolating are the building pieces of fundamental maths. We require these aptitudes consistently, much the same as perusing and composing. This initially segment demonstrates that even these straightforward numerical strides can be enchanted with the best possible introduction.

Lightning estimations by mind control and a Mathematics trap. Mathematicians make utilization of their creative abilities constantly. Our brains are better than average at envisioning things and making pictures in our heads. Regularly that is the way we tackle precarious issues or thought of sharp visual creative energy traps like this one.

Look all around, 5 are all over the place. 5 fingers, 5 toes. Presently consider division. Partition by 10? Simple you say – simply move the decimal guide one place toward the left. However, by ? Much to a greater extent a test!

Presently you can check you math skills with your capacity to divide any number by at super speed - and do the count right to three decimal spots! Not many individuals know this, but rather partitioning an extensive number by should really be possible by an exceptionally straightforward two-stage technique.
Step [1]: multiply the number by 2.
Step [2]: move the decimal point.
For Example
What is 5 divided by 678
Step 1 : 678 x 2 = 1356
Step2: 135.6 is answer
That’s all there is to it.

Geometry is utilized as a part of a wide range of employments. Draftsmen and creators utilize the laws of geometry to make shocking new structures and items. Without it they wouldn't comprehend what shapes to utilize or how they would fit together. Recolored glass window originators and form fashioners additionally utilize geometry in their work as certain geometries look satisfying to the eye. Geometry is behind a large portion of those screen busting embellishments in motion pictures, TV shows and video recreations, so nothing unexpected that enormous numbers of the general population utilized in the recreations business have maths or software engineering degrees.

Geometry and symmetry are likewise essential in the pharmaceutical business. Having the capacity to work out the states of new chemicals and how they fit together with particles in our bodies is key to finding new life enhancing drugs.

Statistics is a branch of science that gives us a chance to portray irregular things, similar to coin hurls, roulette wheels or radioactive molecule rot. A few people contemplate midpoints, yet without this kind of science we would be not able to complete a scope of truly imperative assignments. Statistics is utilized as a part of many employments. Here are some examples: manufacturing, Pharmacy organizations, TV organizations, banks and e commerce.

Modular arithmetic is one of the numerical strides in maybe the best ponder of the cutting edge specialized world - the web. We are all mindful of web based shopping and we would all expectation that our own correspondences by cell phone or visit room would stay private from meddlers. All things considered, at the focal point of the encryption innovation that permits the protected transmission of bank or charge card subtle elements, or that guarantees the digits making up your telephone calls don't fall into the wrong hands, there is some smart Modular arithmetic. Join Hansraj Academy for nurturing the skill of Mathematics.

Basics of Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus of Bank PO Maths

An aptitude test speaks to an efficient approach to judge a competitor's mental ability as how he/she plays out specific undertakings and responds to various situations. Every aptitude test utilizes a standard technique for organization and scoring so results can be figured and contrasted and alternate competitors.

This reference has been set up for the contender to help them to comprehend the fundamental to cutting edge ideas required to pass through Bank PO aptitude tests. This instructional exercise will give you enough comprehension on different ideas where you can take yourself to a larger amount of skill.

Data Interpretation (Approx 15 questions in BANK PO MATHS EXAM)

Data Interpretation is a noteworthy piece of Quantitative Aptitude segment for any keeping BANK PO Maths exam. Understanding is the way toward understanding numerical information that has been gathered, broke down, and presented. Interpreting information is a vital basic thinking aptitude that encourages you understands course readings, diagrams and tables.

Major share of questions asked in the Data Interpretation Section depend on the accompanying subjects of the Arithmetic Section -

• Proportions
• Averages
• Percentages
In the event that the nuts and bolts of these points are clear, endeavoring DI in the exams turns out to be relatively simple.

Basic of DI diagrams/graphs that you may experience in the exams -

• Pie Charts
• Line Charts
• Bar Graphs
• Tabular Charts
• Mixed Graphs

Permutation and Combination ( approx 5 questions in BANK PO MATHS EXAM)

Permutation and Combination is a theme for which we have to relate it to genuine circumstances on the off chance that we need to endeavor the questions from this subject. This theme is critical for managing an banking exams. Permutation and Combination has coordinate application likelihood which is most broadly asked in practically every Bank PO exam. So essentials of P&C must be clear to solve those inquiries.

So let us understand with three definitions of the nuts and bolts of P&C
Factorial: The result of the numbers beginning from 1 up to a number "n" is known as factorial of number 'n'. We can't discover factorial of a negative number.

Combination: In combination, we select the things at arbitrary and look at the changed conceivable methods for choice. So this is a one stage method. Combination is otherwise called gathering. The formula utilized for combination is cCr.

Permutation: In permutation, we select the things and afterward mastermind them to look at changed conceivable methods for plan. So fundamentally permutation is a two-stage process.

Quadratic Equations (Approx 5 questions in BANK PO MATHS EXAM)

The Name Quadratic come from term “quad” which represents square, because the variable get squared for ex x2 , and Equation of degree is 2 as “2” on the x , X is a Variable which is unknown in equation.
For Example: ax2 + bx + c = 0
Here a,b,c are known as values where a can never be zero
In basic variable based math, the quadratic formula is the arrangement of the quadratic equation. There are different approaches to settle the quadratic formula as opposed to utilizing the quadratic formula, for example, factoring, completing the square, or graphing.